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Sydney School of Playback 2017
– Tools for Living



Want to discover new strategies for living and working well and challenge yourself? Are you keen to explore the joy, the depth and the power of story – including your own story? If you’re searching to develop your abilities to connect and communicate – and are willing to stretch yourself to do that – then our Playback Learning workshops will help you learn and grow.


Our Workshops provide ‘tools for living’ and offering training to communicate more intentionally, develop presence and build personal confidence. We’ve trained facilitators, actors, leaders, counsellors, dancers, teachers, public speakers and more. Anyone who wants to increase connection and communication, in their personal and professional lives, will find this valuable – so enrol in a workshop – you’re bound to discover something new about yourself that will surprise or delight you.


‘I haven’t enjoyed a class so much before. It was wonderful.’– Morweena 


The “games” and activities were so much fun and a great way to learn that when on the spot, something WILL come! The facilitators were so encouraging and warm and the group was lovely too. I had a great time and have been consciously keeping some of the techniques in mind every single day since! – Natalia


The Unplanned Moment – Managing Uncertainty  – back by popular demand! /p>


Early bird discount until Anzac Day! Click here to book/p> May 19 & 20th

Friday evening from 6.30pm > 9.30pm & Saturday from 10am > 5pm In the unplanned moment, it’s not so important to be right, it’s more important to be present – Sydney Playback Theatre instructor


Ever wished you could be calm and coherent, or more creative, in how you respond to the unplanned and unexpected moments in your life? Did you know that improvisation isn’t about comedy, it’s about reacting — being focused and present in the moment at a very high level. And did you know that people worldwide are partnering with improvisational performers to learn the skills to enable them to be more flexible, adapt to unforeseen situations, and develop an authentic response. The School of Playback Theatre is offering this short and punchy training program specifically for you to find ways to manage your way through ‘The Uncertainty of the Unplanned Moment’. During the program, we will identify the specific skills you personally need to manage yourself better in that moment. We will look at how to apply these skills to be more flexible, authentic and spontaneous, and we will have fun doing it!


‘This workshop is one of the most important learning experiences of my life: I’ve never managed to develop such trust in a process or a group so immediately before! The facilitators knew how to provide the exact steps necessary for us to develop the skills required to move on to the next stage of learning. I looked forward eagerly to each part of the workshop and was sorry when it was finished. I felt so freed to play with the moment that I realised that there was no going back from what I’d learnt‘ – Barbara 2015


Please enrol online (see headings above). Programs are held at the Inner West Cultural Services. 35 Dickson Street, Newtown 2042. Enquiries to or 0417 065 664.