Say Yes to changes

2011 has started with a strong theme – CHANGE –


For a company of improvisers it’s surprising how fixed we can be about certain things.


Playback has maintained a pretty steady practice year after year, same rehearsal structure, performance space, style of performance and yes it’s good to have a solid structure to improvise within but…

The funny thing about change is that one (or a company) can feel the need for change a long time before what needs to change can be identified and then actually change it.


Well we have managed to make some changes over our weekend retreat in Feb and it feels exciting and refreshing.

Some of the things are a new rehearsal schedule, new style of artistic direction, new members, new theatre to perform in, new training program and new format to some shows.


It’s been good to let go of old ways and beliefs about the ‘best ‘way to do things.


One of the changes has been the role of Artistic Director in ‘office’ for a number of years.

We now rotate this role so different company members get an opportunity to offer their specific skills more and develop their leadership role.

This is not a new idea, other Playback Companies have already embraced this structure but for many years we have always rejected it.


So from a very fixed point of view we have done a full 360 in one day!


To come back to an improv metaphor – Just say YES to other ideas


What could you say YES to right now?

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  1. zane says:

    good on you guys.. we’ve had massive changes too lately (all positive)

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