Working together

So we have been busy rehearsing and doing shows, at The Newtown Theatre, organising new shows at conferences and training events and revisiting/reworking the ways in which we perform the stories we have heard.


Whenever we listen to your story each performer must consider the essence to the story. Since there is no one truth or meaning to a story, each performer needs to be able to listen/ feel or sense/connect to this story in some way and then be able to express this via improvisation. This is the exciting challenge for us as Playback performers – how do you do this within a team of six, when everyone has their own ideas and impulses?


Will the story when Playedback be just a mish mash of individual ideas – ideally no (and this is why we rehearse weekly). Ideally the level of listening whilst onstage – to each other and oneself – combined with the skill in receiving theatrical offers from other performers, – by musician or another actor – will mould and craft a multilayered reflection of the teller’s story. And why do we do this? What is the relevance of listening and reflecting these life stories to an audience? A very good question for next blog! Until then.

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