End of Year Update

Well its been awhile and we’ve been busy with our shows and company life – hence our pause in blogging.


We have performed for a variety of organisations this year – The Catholic Education Office, The Cancer Institute, DOCS, DADHC, Tafe NSW to name just a few.


In addition we also devised a scripted piece of theatre for DOCs in relation to child protection training and development. This was very interesting and quite challenging as we had to script a theatrical and emotionally dramatic journey, using metaphor that would speak directly to their experience,and that was to be performed in a training room! It was a success and the 20 minute piece certainly managed to engage, entertain and move the group.


Our show enabled an alternate perspective to the issues that was further explored through dialogue afterwards. Theatre is such a dynamic and collaborative adjunct to training and development!




Have a look at our promotional video and until next year, all the best for Xmas and New Year –┬áPlayback Theatre Sydney

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