Actions speak louder than words

After our April show, themed ‘Family Album’, I pondered on how our performance encapsulated the phrase – ‘actions speak louder than words’ – although we did use words of course! There was expressiveness, physical imagery, relationship and greek chorus – providing a wealth of meaning to support the words.


Our Russian musician’s father was in the audience, and after the show, without a word of English but with much effervesence, managed to convey to me how much he loved it. Eliona was translating for her father and I could see his passion. Words were spilling from his mouth about the show – rich, soulful, essential, delicate, real theatre – and the importance for us all to tell our stories and see our story reenacted in a theatrical form – outside our heads.


So although you may not have the theatrical skills we as actors have at hand, I recommend that when you are communicating, don’t just rely on your words. Remember to make use of your body and gesture, your voice, its many tones and variations. Make use of any metaphors, images and stories that come to mind as well.


In this way you’ll provide a deeper, more textured message and engage your own audience – whether one or many – in a more interesting and entertaining way.

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