Welcome to the Playback Theatre Sydney blog

Welcome to the Playback Theatre Sydney blog, this is our first of many dialogues on our work with Playback Theatre here in Sydney.


For those who don’t know Playback Theatre rather than go into a long winded description I thought I would write some descriptive words to pique your interest –


personal story, shared experience, improvisation, actors, musicians, movement, metaphor, dialogue, theatre, humour, connection, barriers parted, isolation, broken down – and more….


We, that is the company of 14 members at the moment, obviously love this form of theatre and its unique artistry. Each Playback Theatre Performer needs to be first and foremost in touch with their love, respect and interest in our shared humanity expressed through our stories, the everyday ones and the extraordinary ones. Then a Playback Performer needs to be their own writer, director and choreographer and that old adage – a team player!


We as a team rehearse weekly and practice the many different crafts that make up the art of this form some of which are; the ability to listen to the stories and to each other on levels that one does not normally, to accept any offers of music, movement or text, to say yes and…. to be very present in the moment ready to use ones impulses to work as an ensemble to be aware of the lighting technicians offers, to weave the red thread of meaning and connections through the many stories told, to use one’s intuition and express feeling fully.


There is a lot going on emotionally, intellectually and physically for each and every Performer in each and every moment of our 90 minute performances.


This is the first of our many and ongoing blogs on our work with Playback Theatre. Thank you for your interest.


All the best
Playback Theatre Sydney

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