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Insights from Playback Practice (PP) – Storytelling

Apr 18
“The shortest distance between a Human Being and Truth is a story.” – Anthony de Mello   We are all hardwired to tell and receive stories and have an innate understanding of what a story is and what it means. Communicating a good story, however is a skill, and it… >> Continue Reading This Entry

Insights from Playback Practice

Mar 08
As you may know, our ensemble meets weekly to maintain and deepen our Playback Practice (PP).  During each PP we discuss company business and practise our theatre craft. Since we share leadership in our company, something that comes up repeatedly for each leader, is how to maintain the balance between… >> Continue Reading This Entry

Why Play?

Nov 28
  Playfulness – we don’t get enough of it as adults. Play is an antidote to the stresses of getting ahead in life. Play brings us to the present moment, the connected moment, the fun moment the expansive moment – and who doesn’t want more of that in this life!?… >> Continue Reading This Entry

What our clients are saying about us…

Nov 28
We work in organisational culture and teams, and in 2016 performed at conferences and ran training, workshops and role plays. Recent clients have outlined the value we offer their business cultures – read about our work below:   Liverpool City Council’s Diversity and Cultural Intelligence Training (partnering with Prisma): a)… >> Continue Reading This Entry

A word from our ensemble – reflections on 2016

Nov 27
Playful guests and Playbackers at our Open Rehearsal in October 2016.   2016? Here’s some of the ‘stand outs’ for our ensemble:   Newbies, oldies, great music, laughter and tears. What a great year it’s been. Best bits for me included the Playback Jam in Wollongong and our recent work… >> Continue Reading This Entry

Playback Theatre open performance in Newtown

Sep 05
same same but different   Playback Theatre Sydney has been bringing audiences together to share people’s stories for 30 years. In recent years, ‘story’ has become a vital part of leadership, community and good personal relations and we’re thrilled.   Sharing the authentic stories of what we encounter in our… >> Continue Reading This Entry

The Unplanned Moment – 14 + 15 October Training

Sep 05
stay mindful, don’t freak out!   Did you know that improvisation isn’t about comedy, it’s about reacting – being focused and present in the moment at a very high level. And did you know that people worldwide are partnering with improvisational performers to learn the skills to enable them to… >> Continue Reading This Entry

Truth & Disclosure – Daring to Connect

Sep 05
open disclosure as best practice    Last month some of our players participated in a role play. Role plays are a slight departure from our usual work, as instead of recreating an audience member’s story onstage, we are given a character and a situation which we then realize, for a… >> Continue Reading This Entry

Three Quick Case Studies – see How we Work

Jul 07
We explore your organisation’s most important resource – Your People.   1. Vodafone needed improved Stakeholder Mgmt & Community Relations   Issue – Vodafone needs communications towers for their network, and work with internal and external teams, local communities, authorities and other stakeholders to build them. A diverse group of… >> Continue Reading This Entry

Influencing Cultural Change One Story at a Time

Jul 07
The Story Conference takes place in Melbourne later this year, the fourth in a series founded in 2009. Its program, ‘Influencing Cultural Change One Story at a Time’ brings together storytelling approaches used to gain knowledge in the workplace, and looks at how a multitude of stories can be utilised… >> Continue Reading This Entry