schools and youth.

Playback Theatre Sydney has a long history of working at youth forums and schools to tap into the passion and expressiveness of youth and inspire them both intellectually and emotionally.   Fun and physical theatre is a powerful medium well suited to exploring issues of racism, inspirational people, body image, bullying, drugs, ethics and leaving school.  PTS is also a very engaging way to get years 10, 11 and 12 discussing the content or themes of the English or Drama texts that they are studying. 

Playback Theatre in Schools

1. Theatre Performances – for teachers or students based around particular themes or issues

2. Theatre Skills and Improvisation Training – for Drama students

3. General Topics – for senior students to extend discussion on school texts, examining the themes as they relate to them and integrating the themes into their own life stories

4. Theatre Tools Workshop – creative listening, theatre games, exercises to develop presence and theatre-based games

5. Building Plays and Scripts – creating theatre  (script, movement, dance) based on student participants’ stories and experiences

Playback Theatre at Youth Forums

Youth Forums are a specialty of Playback Theatre Sydney and young people are often keen to contribute their stories and experiences.  Issues discussed might be ethics, bullying, community involvement, culture and race, drugs and alcohol and finishing school.  PB can galvanise young people and provide a sense of community through the raising of consciousness.  It offers an emotional connection to their real experiences and stories as well as accepting and celebrating their thoughts and feelings.  PTS offers a space where young people can explore and articulate the emotional impact of what they are facing in their lives which can be extremely powerful.