conferences, seminars & planning days.

Use Playback Theatre Sydney (PTS) at your next conference or planning day to energise and connect your team.  Playback recharges creative thinking and sharpens focus onto relevant issues.  Since all performances reflect your team’s current circumstances, PTS provides relevant, insightful and engaging performances.  PTS is focused on relationship building so contributes to the successful motivation, empowerment and celebration of staff.  It assists in managing change, raising issues in a safe environment and fostering the spirit of teamwork.

PTS can be effective at various stages of a conference, depending on your needs.  It can be used at the beginning of a conference as an energetic ice-breaker, as it enables the group to ‘warm up to’ the themes and immediately connects participants through the sharing of their experiences.  Alternatively, PTS is useful at the end of a conference, highlighting major themes and learnings and generating stories on how to apply outcomes in the workplace or how to ensure momentum is kept up in the team.  PTS can give expression to where and how the themes you have been exploring will fit back at work.  PTS also performs in the middle of conferences where it offers much needed energy and new focus for participants.  It allows them to connect with each other and to the themes of the conference in a very subtle way, and facilitates the shift from intellectual theory to emotional connection and engagement.

Playback is both humorous and powerful and promises a creative, rewarding and unforgettable experience for your event and team!

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