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Playbacka life changing experience Theatre Sydney transforms personal experiences into dynamic, exciting and improvisational theatre. We open up dialogue, enable reflection and bring people together in audiences across the corporate, government, education and community sectors.


Across centuries and cultures, people have told stories to entertain and share knowledge. Playback Theatre Sydney draws on this fundamental human expression by eliciting the audience’s own stories, and instantly playing them back onstage, with drama, movement and music. The instant ‘play back’ gives time to reflect on each story and creates more understanding of our human experiences. It enables us to connect at a deep level as it’s entertaining yet very real.


Playback Theatre Sydney works throughout Sydney, adding fresh energy and collaboration at Conferences, offering Training & Development days with teams, providing Skills Training in mindful improvisational skills, and has regular Public Shows in inner-city Sydney. Through a myriad of contexts, Playback Theatre brings people and their stories to life – opening communication, exploring topics and creating connections between people and ideas – it’s creative, revealing and very heart-felt. A new and engaging experience each time!

Our theatre performances for 2017 –  Click here for more details.



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